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19 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can nearly be considered a panacea of sort. The liquid is a preferable for a great deal of many health benefits, in addition to even a few treatment of ailments. While we would be hard pressed to call it a cure-all, apple cider vinegar has long...

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What are Trace Minerals: Trace Minerals

Introduction In our fast-paced world, we are all busy with rushing from one commitment to another – whether for work, social activities, or even household errands – we tend to take our diet for granted. This is evidenced in the food we consume and the nutrition we...

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PRP Injections For Wound Healing

PRP Injections For Wound Healing Platelet-Rich Plasma Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a small amount of plasma extracted from the patient’s blood and enriched with a concentrated source of platelets.  Gathered by separating plasma from red and white blood cells, PRP...

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Can Sugar Raise BP?

Can Sugar Raise BP?  It’s a common misconception that people must cut down on salt intake to reduce the risk of stroke, which causes about 3 million deaths annually all over the world. However, in new studies, researchers found that, in fact, sugar is more to blame...

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Arsenic-based Animal Drugs and Poultry

Arsenic-based Animal Drugs and Poultry Arsenic is a substance occurring naturally and is commonly found in its organic form throughout the environment, specifically in water, soil, air, and food. New scientific research demonstrates that organic arsenic, typically a...

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Extended Sleep Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes New research demonstrates that extended sleep for two consecutive nights improves insulin sensitivity and decreases risk of diabetes by over 16%. How’d They Do That? A team of researchers at the University of Colorado studied the insulin sensitivity patterns...

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