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Welcome to Protocols for Health. The purpose of this site is to provide you with information that can help you maintain your health. The site is divided up into:

Blog posts are articles about what’s new in the world of health and medicine. They are in order of publication.

Protocols: These articles contain specific instructions on best practices for treating certain conditions. They will often contain specific nutritional supplement advice and links. An example would be how to treat SIBO. This protocol will give you specific instructions on how to do the protocol, the supplements needed, the order in which to take them, and alternative supplements should there be problem with anyone supplement in the protocol. Various protocols will be listed in a drop-down menu. The menu may also contain submenus, if there more than one protocol for a specific area.

Knowledge Base, These articles are similar to those and protocols, except they do not provide specific information. For example they may discussed the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but offer no solution. Because are so many of these articles is best just to search for them. There are too many to put in a menu. Thank you I we discussed him some of those portals for people on protocols for health you like to help with yes member we talked about one for him.

Store: This site links to the Agapé Nutrition store, (pronounced (ä-gä′pā, ä′gə-pā′) Nutrition) which is our affiliated online store. Agapé is from Greek and means.

(ä-gä′pā, ä′gə-pā′) n.

1. Christianity:

a. Love as revealed in Jesus, seen as spiritual and selfless and a model for humanity.
b. In the early Christian Church and some modern churches, the love feast accompanied by Eucharisticcelebration.
2. Love that is spiritual, not sexual, in its nature.

How to Use this Site

Home –  Blog – Current medical and nutritional news

Protocols – For specific instructions on supplement choice and recommendations.

Knowledge Base – Links and summaries of studies

Site Info – more information about the site and how to use it.

Store – Link to our online nutritional store.

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