What are Trace Minerals: Trace Minerals

Introduction In our fast-paced world, we are all busy with rushing from one commitment to another – whether for work, social activities, or even household errands – we tend to take our diet for granted. This is evidenced in the food we consume and the nutrition we...

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MTHFR Heterozygous versus Homozygous

MTHFR Heterozygous versus Homozygous MTHFR is common condition effecting a large number of people.  There are heterozygous and homozygous forms.  This video attempts to explain the implications of these SNPs (pronounced...

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CRPS treatment

CRPS treatment Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a fairly rare condition that has been resistant to most treatments.  This treatment has been effective in all the patients we have seen with this condition.  There is also an article and mindmap on the condition and...

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